Will EUR Rise Over USD?

Dynamic trend: Turned up
Background: W1 – very weak; D1 – weak
Phase: Markup
Support: 1.066
Resistance: 1.079



EURUSD: Hourly

EURUSD: Hourly


Point 1: We can observe “Shakeout” with very large volume and a wide range, on a weak congestion zone. This movement alone indicates absorption of supply, but the subsequent down-bar indicates that the supply is still high, and the market is not ready to grow.

Point 2: “Test” with a low volume and an average range. Follow up-bar indicates the success of the maneuver.

Point 3: There was a breakout of the congestion zone with a high volume and wide range. In TF M15, a successful test occurred and then continued to grow.

Suggested Strategies

Strategy 1: Consider buying if:

  • The price breaks out the resistance level 1.079 and
  • «No supply» occurs.

Strategy 2: Consider to buy if:

  • The price pulls back to the support level 1.066;
  • «No Supply» appears (down-bar with a narrow range and a low volume);
  • And the price reverses up.

Strategy 3: Consider going to sell if:

  • The price breaks down the support level 1.066 and;
  • «No Demand» appears (up-bar with a narrow range and a low volume).


You can search «No Demand» and «No Supply» on a lower TF.

Know more about CONGESTION ZONES

EURUSD M30 – Follow-up Trade +112Pips

2015-09-20 13_57_21-EURUSD,M30

This trade was opened based on the previous EURUSD analysis.

  1. Overall background is weak.
  2. Price was close to the resistance level (1.146) which several times has proved itself in upper timeframes. Here appeared weak signals.
  3. Dynamic trend turned from green to red. Entry – when the price comes closer to the dynamic trend. Stop-loss above the resistance level. After I saw strong signal I didn’t close the trade, because I thought that bear move still had potential. Strong signal here may be caused by triggering stop-losses of traders who went long when the price crossed previous high. But I moved stop-loss closer in case I was wrong.
  4. Exit by reaching take profit level.

Total: +112 Pips

EURUSD Long-Term Volume Spread Analysis

EUR/USD Weekly

In Euro/US Dollar we’ve seen massive buying recently, which subsequently made the downtrend reverse. This can be seen by the very high volumes and green signals, highlighted in the drawn box. Tecnically, the prices are just below a down trendline, and an interesting bar was seen in the weekly timeframe, signaled by the arrow and an orange histogram – this was an upthrust, a bar that closed on the lows of the week, yet making a high significantly far away from it. The high is at 1.138 and the close at 1.110, and it’s accompanied by a very high volume. If the prices traveled such a distance on such a volume, this means that was actually selling coming into the market that week. The question is whether this is just a temporary weakness, and we can look at the daily for more clues…


In the daily timeframe, there were many strong signals since March’s bottom, and prices are making higher lows ever since, which means until now the market has been sustained, but reaching at the trendline, the volumes are quite low. Two possible scenarios are: the trendline being broken with moderate/high volumes, which would be a good demand confirmation for a long OR the market makes a lower high or lower low, which would break the uptrend going on in the daily and would mean the weakness seen in the weekly timeframe is ‘spilling over’ and preventing further advances.