Dynamic Trend Pro Launched!

We are excited to announce that we launched a new indicator – Dynamic Trend PRO. This indicator adds functionalities to our free Dynamic Trend indicator:

  • Auto-optimizes for maximum profit/loss/li>
  • Shows total profit/loss and pips/day
  • Multi-timeframe panel
  • Alerts when the trend shifts up or down
dynamic trend indicator mt4
Dynamic Trend Pro EURUSD

Just like all of our other premium indicators, you can try it out on your Metatrader using our demo.


The average daily range (ADR) is an indicator that shows you the historical average of each day’s range (high – low). In this article, we will cover:

  • How to calculate the average daily range
  • How to use the average daily range in your Forex trading
  • Average vs confidence values
  • Why confidence values are important and how to use them
  • A free average daily range indicator for Metatrader 4 (MT4)
  • The distinction between Average Daily Range (ADR) vs Average True Range (ATR)

How to calculate the average daily range?

The ADR is calculated by simply summing the daily ranges (a daily range is the difference between the day’s high and low) and dividing it by a certain number of days, thereby averaging out the daily range over this time period. Typically, 21 days or 30 days are used as the ADR’s period in an ADR indicator.

How to use the average daily range in your Forex trading

This indicator can be used to gauge the volatility and to decide whether to trade a pair or sit out on the sidelines.

When today’s range gets to a value near the average range – for example, if the average is 100 pips, and today’s range is already at 90 pips – it might be wise to consider not trading the pair any longer for the day and instead look for opportunities in other pairs, as it already reached the historical volatility.

But let’s say that you’ve found the setup you were looking for, yet the daily range is already close to its average! So as not to miss a potentially lucrative opportunity, there is another value you should look at in these situations – the confidence levels.

Average vs confidence level

So what is a confidence level, and how does it relate to the average?

A confidence level of 90% with the value of 200 pips for example, means that 90% of the times, the daily range will be below 200 pips. In other words, the daily range will be at most 200 pips with a 90% confidence.

Typically, the 70% confidence level and above will be a higher value than the average. Whereas, the 50% confidence level is called the median, and typically it’s fairly close to the average as long as the averaging period is long enough. In certain situations it can deviate significantly from the average though (especially when there have been recent highly volatile days), so it’s good to keep an eye on both the average and these confidence levels.

How to use the confidence levels

You can use a confidence level of 75% to 90% instead of the average in those situations where you have a good reason to believe the pair still has room to trend, such as in days when:

  • There was a news event with a major impact
  • Prices broke an important Support/Resistance
  • The pair has been on a strong trend for the last few days

In these situations, the average might not be a good “bet” on where the day’s range will reach, and so, using a high confidence level could make more sense.

Average daily range (ADR) vs Average true range (ATR)

These two terms may sometimes generate confusion, but they are distinct indicators that measure different things:

Average daily range (ADR) – average of the daily range (range = high – low).

Average true range (ATR) – the average bar’s “range” (range = high – low). So the difference is that unlike the daily range, it may use other timeframes other than the daily one. So we can speak of the ATR of EUR/USD 15 minutes timeframe, or the 1-hour timeframe for example.

On that note, the ATR of daily timeframe, would be a very close (or equal) value to the ADR.

Why not exactly equal? Because the ATR also takes into account price gaps. So unlike the ADR, it does not average over ranges, it averages over true ranges.

What is the true range?

For example, if yesterday’s high was 1.0500, but on the next day the low/high were at 1.0600/1.0700 respectively, there would be a gap between the two bars. And so instead of calculating today’s range as simply the high – low:

Range = 1.0700 – 1.0600 = 100 pips

You would use the previous day’s high instead:

True range = 1.0700 – 1.0500 = 200 pips

This way, the volatility between different bars is also taken into account, and for that reason, there is typically a small difference between the average range and average true range.

Get a free average daily range (ADR) indicator for Metatrader 4 (MT4)

We have a free average daily range indicator available, called AT – Daily Range, that also includes the confidence levels mentioned above. Along with showing all these values, it conveniently plots the expected daily high and low based on the average.

Download AT – Daily Range for Metatrader 4 HERE (free)

Average Daily Range Indicator launched!

We recently launched our AT- Daily Range indicator! AT – Daily Range for MT4 (Metatrader 4), also called Average Daily Range (ADR) indicator, is a fundamental tool for day traders that calculates the average daily range, along with chosen confidence levels, so that you can better estimate the daily volatility. It also shows the expected top and bottom price based on this average range.



  • Shows the average daily range along with the completed %
  • Pinpoints the current day’s range in % to the average
  • Shows the 75% and 90% daily range confidence levels (customizable)
  • Plots the expected daily range directly on the chart

Download the indicator here for FREE, along with our other 5 freemium indicators.

Supports/Resistances Pro Launched!

We are excited to announce that we launched a new indicator – Supports/Resistances Pro. This indicator adds functionalities to our free S/R indicator:

  • Draws supports/resistances automatically (short, mid and long-term)
  • Shows the risk:reward based on these in order for you to better plan your trades
  • Alerts when price is nearby, on break-outs and when a new S/R is formed
  • Former supports turn into resistances on break-out and vice-versa
Supports/Resistances Pro USDCHF

Just like all of our other premium indicators, you can try it out on your Metatrader using our demo.


If you wish to know more about the importance of supports/resistances and how to use them, check out this supports/resistances indicator guide.


If you want an indicator to draw these supports/resistances automatically and warn of your these critical price areas, take advantage of our 30% black friday promotion with the coupon ‘BlackFriday2022’ while it lasts!

Supports/resistances Pro indicator box

News Indicator Updated

We updated the AT – News Indicator for MT4 (Metatrader 4) :

  • Fixed a bug where news weren’t being retrieved
  • Added vertical lines with a label to highlight the news events
  • Added the news event’s day of week/hours, in your local time

news indicator metatrader 4 (mt4)

Just as before, the indicator will alert you of news events and allows you to filter between low, medium and high impact news. The indicator is also highly customizable, so, for example, you can hide the panel and make it just show the vertical lines, vice-versa, or both.

We also did a small update to our AT – Spreads indicator: you can now customize the font type and size.

Click below to download it along with all the other free indicators that we have available:

GBPUSD ‘Dynamic Trend Up’ Setup +38 pips

Setup: Dynamic Trend Up
Order: Long Market Order (1.3150)
Initial Risk:Reward: 2.01


Dynamic Trend Up


In this setup we use the dynamic trend indicator, also integrated in the alerts indicator. We aim to benefit from the immediate imbalance of supply and demand, and enter when the short-term trend is on our side.
The long trade was opened at 1.3150 and closed at 1.3188 (take-profit hit).


Want to receive our MT4 indicators for FREE? Get them right HERE + receive a free trial on our premium indicators!

GBPUSD Intraday Snapshot (Trend, Levels, News, More)

Trend (short-term): UP
Market Background (mid-term): STRONG
Supply/Demand: N/A
Support (nearest): 1.2979
Resistance (nearest): 1.3144
Next Event: Empire State Manufacturing Index (1h 29m)
Next High Impact Event: CPI y/y (1d 21h 29m)
Volatility: AVERAGE (-6% avg.)
Daily Range (Expected): 1.3030 – 1.3112 / 51% of avg. daily range Completed




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Indicator Updates September/2018

We have released a new update on several of our indicators today – namely in the VSA System and News Indicator (free).


1. CHANGES: In the VSA System, a few reported bugs and typos were fixed, and the news indicator got a larger panel so that the titles are fully shown. Click HERE to check all the changes.


2. SAMPLE CODE: We also provided sample code that implements various indicators functions, in case you are looking to implement them in your EA or custom indicator.


3. UPDATING: As always, you can update the indicators by either:

  1. Using the download button that should show on your Metatrader’s charts (with one or more indicators loaded)
  2. Using your download link


AT – News 2.0 for MT4 Launched – Download for FREE

News Indicator

AT – News 2.0


We have recently launched AT – News 2.0, an update that adds the option to show more news on the chart and it comes with an improved and more compact look.
This update also fixed some bugs from the previous version, so if you are using our news indicator, make sure to download the new version for free:

» Download AT – News 2.0 for Metatrader 4 (FREE) «

INSTALLING: simply extract the ZIP file to your Metatrader’s data folder (go to File > Open Data Folder to go to this directory). Afterwards, the indicator will be available in your Metatrader under the name ‘AT-News’.

Trading System VSA 5.0 Launched!

VSA Trading System

                               VSA Trading System


We have recently launched VSA 5.0, an overhaul to the VSA Trading System that optimized the alerts to get higher success rates and made them more actionable.


New setups from the Congestions indicator were also added, so that the system alerts you when there is strong action near a supply/demand zone.


Another big feature coming in this overhaul are closing warnings – whenever there is supply, price gets near to an important resistance, or there is weak action, the system will alert you so that you can reduce your risk.


Together with these changes, there were others to make the system easier to use and to setup. Check the VSA System changelog page for all the changes.


Users should check the updated user manual for all the info regarding each one of these features, and how to implement them in your trading. You will also have access to a ‘How to setup’ video in your user area. As always, feel free to contact us should you have any question.


Not an user yet? Try VSA demo here