News Indicator for Metatrader 4

News indicator Metatrader

AT News Indicator is probably one of the most complete news indicator for MT4 (Metatrader 4). The indicator provides information about past and future news directly on the pair’s chart, keeping traders informed without losing their focus.



  • Shows past/future news directly on the pair’s chart
  • Calculates the number of bars since/until the announcements
  • Allows traders to choose the type of news that are shown
  • Notifies minutes before the announcement
  • Presents the news in your local timezone
  • Highly customizable – change colors, show/hide lines, panel and more


How to use AT News Indicator?

The indicator shows the number of bars since/until the announcements, for an anticipated trade planning. If the news are taking place in the near future, it will draw the remaining bars until the news come out, helping the trader visualizing it graphically.

 Furthermore, traders can choose if they want to receive alerts in Metatrader, notifications by email or push notifications relative to the scheduled news. These functionalities support the scheduling of some specific trades that may be especially relevant in strategies like swing trading.

In the case of recent past news, it also signals the bar at which the announcement took place. This technical drawings are useful to check the exact moment of the announcement and analyse the impact on the pair.

Conventionally, high impact news may have an impact up to the daily timeframe. Medium impact news usually have an impact up to 30 minutes after the announcement. Low impact news have little impact on the market, taking only up to 1 minute to be priced.

Based on the relevance of the news, traders can define strategic opening and exiting points and be able to profit from the these impacts.

The information provided is based on the calendar from Forex Factory for the current week. If you want to know more about specific news, you can visit Forex Factory’s website.

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