Alert System



  • Alerts of every trading setup in the trading system
    • VSA Signal + Background Setup
    • Dynamic Trend Setup
    • Trendline Setups
    • Supports/Resistances Setups
  • The indicator automatically looks at the important factors for a successful trade
  • Every alert brings an explanatory description and suggested stop-loss and take-profit, shown in the chart
  • Alerts sent to Smartphone and/or email optionally
  • Draws Short-Term, Medium-Term and Long-Term Supports/Resistances optionally
  • Draws the Dynamic Trend with different colors for uptrend, downtrend and trend changing
Alert Window


Trading Alerts

This alert system aims to assist the trader with automated alerts, so that he can act when he receives one of those alerts, instead of constantly screening the market for opportunities. The options to receive them by email and/or smartphone notifications, makes it possible to be away from the computer and still know what’s happening in the markets. These are accompanied by an explanatory text, in the chart, on what you should look for a potential trade entry. It’ll also show a suggested stop-loss and take-profit price.


It’s an aiding indicator to trade the system explained in the TRADING GUIDE.


The indicator features the 6 different type of setups in the system. They are:


Why so many? Well, diversification is not just about trading unrelated markets, it’s also about trading different strategies, as long as they have a solid base. The indicators can be used in these many ways, and all rests on the imbalance of supply/demand, and confirmation.

The alerts will be sent to email and/or as push notification (optionally), and they show:

  1. An explanatory description, shown in the chart, on what to look for, and a link for more information on the given setup, to help making the trading decision
  2. Suggested stop-loss, take-profit and move to break-even level

Each of these setups naturally have a different dynamic and the indicator adjusts the suggested stop-loss and take-profit levels for each one of them. Each of the setups is profitable on its own, and can be used independently of the other setups.


Take-Profit 1 (TP1)
When the price reaches this level, you should move your stop-loss to break-even.

Take-Profit 2 (TP2)
You should set the take-profit in this level when you open the trade.

Stop-loss (SL)
You should set the stop-loss here in most cases. The only exception is when there is a support nearby, in which case you should set the stop-loss below it instead (vice-versa for resistances).


Other Exit Criteria in the trading system
In addition to exiting on the take-profit, a long trade should also be closed after (vice-versa for short trades):
• A VSA signal (dot/circle/square) in the opposite direction of the trade (e.g. one Supply signal when holding a long trade)
• Close ½ the position when reaching a long-term resistance (solid red lines)
• Important upcoming news


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