About Us


Leonardo Barata

I’m a stocks and Forex trader since 2008. I now trade with a supply/demand trading system, but actually, when I started in trading, with so much information around, that I had no idea on what system and indicators to use. I tried every possible indicator and strategy I found on the internet, but nothing clicked. That’s when I thought, that the winning traders surely weren’t using amateur tools and strategies that all the brokers promote.


I realized volumes were the only way to track their footsteps, as that’s one thing big trades can’t hide. That’s when my focus shifted to understand how to read the market action. This gave me the edge I was looking for, and after a while, I was finally able to understand how the big traders were doing it.


As a programmer since early age, I got my software coded around supply/demand trading, and in 2014 I started the Analytical Trader project to commercialize and to better them. My ultimate goal? To start a trading fund.


Interview in 52traders.com (32 mins):


Pedro Guerreiro

I’m a trader since 2013. After getting in contact with volumes trading, I started delving deeper in Forex trading and applied it to intraday trading. In Analytical Trader I develop content and help to build the project, to turn it into a bigger and thriving community of traders.


What we do

We believe that to trade successfully, you need two fundamental things: 1. knowledge of how the market works, and 2. the right set of tools to negotiate, and that’s what this project is about.


Based on our experience in trading, we develop trading software based on the fundamentals that move the markets. We don’t spend our time using old and ineffective indicators – instead, we develop non-lagging, supply/demand indicators, that allows us to trade the markets in an informed and professional way. The content and guides are included for the used software to understand how they work, and how to use them to trade successfully.