Indicator that draws short-term, mid-term and long-term supports/resistances automatically. These are prices the market usually reacts to and where traders look for reversals and break-outs.

Dynamic Trend Indicator

Dynamic Trend

Dynamic Trend Pro is a low-lagging, smooth trend indicator that highlights the trend’s direction and features alerts.



Pivots calculates pivot points (daily, weekly, monthly) along with their respective supports/resistances, in order to analyze the market's trend in different timeframes.


Volume Spread Analysis (VSA)

Trading system based in Volume Spread Analysis. It shows supply and demand signals in the chart, along with a market strength scanner (background). Also included are an alerts indicator, which shows the trading setups, and Advanced Volumes indicator.

Dynamic Trend Pro

Dynamic Trend Pro New

Low-lagging, smooth trend indicator that highlights the trend's direction. The PRO version auto-optimizes the indicator based on historical profit/loss and features a multi-timeframe trend panel.


Supports/Resistances Pro New

Indicator that draws supports/resistances automatically with alerts, and shows the risk:reward based on these in order for you to plan your trades and look for entries in these important price areas.



Indicator that detects supply/demand over a range of bars (congestions). It then draws zones of high activity that extend into the future, and provide a resistance to price movements. Includes alerts of proximity to a congestion zone, and breakouts.



Indicator based in volatility, which shows price reversals with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, it shows their accuracy and their frequency. With an user-friendly interface, it allows the user to easily find the best settings for any given market.