VSA Package ($249)

VSA indicator

The VSA Trader package includes:

  • An indicator that plots market Supply/Demand along with No-Supply/No-demand signals, in a multi-timeframe basis, and features an integrated market strength scanner, a prime filter to scan for the best directions to trade in
  • Alerts indicator that will alert you of the different types of trading setups, with suggested Stop-loss/Take-Profit optimized for each one of them.
  • Volumes indicator that shows each bar’s meaning, both in an histogram and directly on the chart, by coloring the different type of bars.


Reversals ($149)

Reversals Indicator

Reversals is an indicator based in volatility analysis algorithms which shows reversals on the chart. It offers a very intuitive way of finding the best settings for the given market, by changing the sensitivity of the reversals directly on the chart, avoiding the cumbersome task of changing the settings manually in Metatrader’s interface one by one. This allows the indicator to adjust to the market you’re trading in, and not the other way around. Due to the extense pre-optimization it went through, it’s usable in any market and timeframe.

Congestions ($149)

Reversals Indicator

Congestions is an indicator that looks for certain supply/demand patterns and shows them directly on the bars. Based on these areas of high activity, it then draws zones which extend into the future, and that show where the price is likely to be congested. These supply/demand bars and zones offer valuable information to be incorporated in trading.

‘All Indicators’ ($399)

Reversals Indicator

The full package includes all the indicators in this website. With this package, it’s possible to get a complete view of the supply/demand in the markets, as with VSA + Advanced Volumes + Congestions no pattern goes unnoticed. The included templates make for clean charts with pre-configured alerts, and the trading guide available explains how to use the indicators in consonance.

Free Indicators

Free Indicators

These are the available indicators:

  • Automatic supports & resistances – draws supports/resistances automatically
  • Dynamic Trend indicator – signal-processing moving average that highlights the market trend
  • Pivots and supports/resistances levels – draws daily, weekly and monthly pivots
  • Spreads indicator – shows the pair’s spread and other useful information