Dynamic Trend Setup

In this setup we use the Analytical Trader trend indicator (dynamic trend), also integrated in the alerts indicator. We aim to benefit from the immediate imbalance of supply and demand, and enter when the short-term trend is on our side.


1. Background – It’s the information that shows on the top-right part of the chart, which analyzes the trend and the VSA strength/weakness in the market. For long entries, it should be strong/very strong.
2. The trend indicator must have changed from a downtrend (red) to an uptrend (green), and the current price mustn’t be too far from that turn.
3. There should be one or more strong signals before the trend changed. Together with the background, this will guarantee there is an imbalance of supply and demand that will allow us to profit.


FULL version:

Stop-loss: Set the stop-loss at the red dot.
Take-profit: Set the take-profit at the green dot.
Close Half/Move stop-loss: When price reaches the blue dot (the indicator will automatically alert you), half the position should be closed and the stop-loss should be moved to break-even to protect profits. Note that only in the Dynamic Trend setup should half the position be closed at this point, on the other ones the only necessary thing to do is to move the stop-loss to break-even.


This setup is equally valid for short positions, just reversing the terms. Feel free to scroll the images below, and to watch the video, that explain the concept visually:

EURUSDM15_volumetrend USDCADDaily_trend EURJPYH1_trend_vsa USDCHFH4_trend_failed