AT – Dynamic Trend Pro Indicator

Trend indicator metatrader

AT Dynamic trend is a low-lagging, smooth trend indicator for MT4 (Metatrader 4), that highlight the trend’s direction. The advantages over other moving averages (simple, weighted, exponential, etc) is that Dynamic Trend signals a reversion of the trend quicker, almost eliminating lag. The smoothness also makes it less erratic than other moving averages.



  • Draws trends in real time directly on the chart
  • Adjustable to different market conditions and timeframes
  • Auto-optimizes for maximum profit/loss
  • Shows total profit/loss and pips/day
  • Multi-timeframe panel
  • Alerts when the trend shifts up or down


How to use AT Dynamic Trend?

The indicator automatically chooses the best period and shows the associated profit/loss.

Using Dynamic Trend Pro in your trading:

    1. Focus on pairs/timeframes that show a positive profit/loss
    2. Enter a long trade when the trend turns up and short when the trend turns down
    3. Exit a long position when the trend turns down and vice-versa for short positions
    4. Filtering trades – enter long trades only when the trend is up
    5. Avoid choppy markets when the trend keeps turning up and down successively
    6. Use the multi-timeframe alerts if you want to watch multiple timeframes