No-Supply/No-Demand Near a Trendline Setup

Again, we’re trading in the trend, so as long as the background is strong we should be on the same side of the smart money. Though we still have to time the entry, and that’s where the no-demand/no-supply comes in.

This setup only requires there is a lack of supply near the up trendline (for a long setup) and a change in the immediate trend (dynamic trend), but you have to make sure there isn’t immediate weakness before (i.e. Major supply/supply signals).

1. The background should be strong
2. The prices should have made a lower low recently, or alternatively, the D. Trend should be green.
3. There should be 1 or more low volume down bars nearby

This is equally valid for shorts, with the inverse setup.

FULL Version:
Stop-loss: Set the stop-loss at the red dot.
Take-profit: Set the take-profit at the green dot.
Move stop-loss: When price reaches the blue dot (the indicator will automatically alert you), the stop-loss should be moved to break-even to protect profits


No-Demand/No-Supply Trend GJ Trend Movement GBPJPY