AT – Supports/Resistances Pro Indicator

Supports/Resistances indicator Metatrader mt4

Supports/Resistances for MT4 (Metatrader 4) draws supports/resistances automatically, and shows the risk:reward based on these in order for you to plan your trades and look for entries in these important price areas.



  • Automatically draws Supports/Resistances
  • Distinguishes between short-term, mid-term and long-terms S/Rs
  • Calculates the Risk:Reward
  • Alerts when price is nearby and on break-outs
  • Former supports turn into resistances on break-out and vice-versa



How to use AT Supports/Resistances?

Supports/Resistances indicator(S/R indicator) is one of the main technical indicators used by traders because of its importance regarding market psychology and supply/demand.

We should think of supports as a floor and resistances as a ceiling, with prices moving up and down between them. Visualizing supports/resistances is fundamental to predict where a trend is going.

 Using Supports/Resistances Pro in your trading:

  1. Look for a long trade near a mid-term/long-term support
  2. Look for a long trade on mid-term/long-term resistance break-out
  3. Focus on pairs with positive R:R for long trades (vice-versa for short trades)
  4. Avoid going long if there is a mid-term/long-term resistance just above
  5. Use short-term supports (or longer term ones) to set your stop-loss

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  For more information on how to use this indicator, refer to our guide on using Supports/Resistances.