Changelog VSA System


AT – VSA 5.02

AT – Alert System 4.02

AT – Advanced Volumes 3.10

AT – Color Bars 3.10

AT – Congestions 1.42

AT – Reversals 1.72


  • Fixed bug where low volume bars in AdvancedVolumes and ColorBars wouldn’t show.
  • Fixed bug where alerts in AdvancedVolumes and ColorBars wouldn’t work.
  • Fixed typos in VSA settings and one Alert System alert.
  • News events panel now shows a larger portion of the news’ title.
  • Fixed text spacing in news events panel.
  • Congestions now outputs closest support and resistance, for EA implementation.
  • Fixed typo in Reversals.



AT – VSA 5.01

AT – Alert System 4.01

AT – Advanced Volumes 3.00

AT – Color Bars 3.00


  • Improved Alert System’s loading time.
  • Improved VSA loading time in case there was no data available on the symbol. Added a setting that forces VSA to load missing data.
  • Fixed a bug where Congestions indicator would unload with an ‘Array out of range’ error in some alerts.
  • Fixed a bug where it wouldn’t be possible to unlock an alert.
  • Fixed a bug where it wouldn’t be possible to hide ‘minor signals’ in AT-VSA.
  • Added a setting in Alert System to forcefully unlock an alert.
  • User manual and video links pdf’s are now included in the setup ZIP file.



AT – VSA 5.00

AT – Alert System 4.00

AT – Advanced Volumes 3.00

AT – Color Bars 3.00

This update brings a major alerts overhaul, with improved existing alerts, new ones added, and it also now features closing warnings. VSA System now also includes a get-started script to load the alerts template (or other one chosen) in every opened chart. To keep up with the new features, the VSA System user manual has been updated, and a short video on how to get started is also now included.


  • Alert System now features ‘Congestion Zone Nearby’ and ‘Congestion Zone Breakout’ entry alerts.
  • Alert System now features closing warnings. Added 5 closing warnings: ‘Wide up/down bars’, ‘Time-based’, ‘VSA’, ‘SR Breakout’, ‘Weak action’.
  • Improved alert pre-checking for accumulation/distribution, price action and other specific factors for each setup.
  • The last alert can now be locked – this will make closing warnings activate for that alert, and will prevent other entry alerts from showing up.
  • Indicators load faster.
  • Alert System now draws supports/resistances from their origin (opposed to the previous endless lines).
  • Alert System’s drawn supports/resistances can now be customized in color, width and line style. By default, longer-term S/Rs are wider than shorter-term ones,.
  • Removed trendlines alerts.
  • VSA now pre-loads historical data if it doesn’t exist. This prevents loading problems in multi-timeframe VSA signals that occured before.
  • VSA now automatically checks for number of loaded bars in chart and alerts if it could hinder performance.
  • Added script ‘AT- START HERE’ to load a template in every opened chart.
  • Re-ordered indicators settings.
  • Updated templates.



AT – VSA 4.72

AT – Alert System 3.42

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.32

AT – Color Bars 2.32


  • Fixed a bug in VSA, where some signals wouldn’t show.
  • Removed non-used setting, and re-made templates.
  • Fixed a bug where calling the indicators through an expert would trigger an error.
  • Alert System now outputs an extra buffer, which is the setup number. Check to see each number’s correspondence.
  • Indicators are now integrable in visual and non-visual modes.



AT – VSA 4.71

AT – Alert System 3.41

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.31

AT – Color Bars 2.31

AT – Spreads 2.00


  • Fixed a bug that occurred in the latest Metatrader version, where Alert System wouldn’t load due to an error.
  • Settings easier to read in every indicator.

AT – Spreads

  • Spreads indicator now updates every tick.
  • Added an option to show the trade cost in full, mini or micro lots.



AT – VSA 4.70

AT – Alert System 3.40

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.30

AT – Color Bars 2.30

  • Fixed a bug where VSA wasn’t showing the VSA signals in real-time, in some instances.
  • Alert System now saves the latest signal in the chart, so that it shows even if the timeframe is changed or Metatrader is restarted.
  • Alert System now outputs an additional buffer, which shows the suggested entry price.



AT – VSA 4.61

AT – Alert System 3.32

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.22

AT – Color Bars 2.22



AT – VSA 4.60

AT – Alert System 3.30

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.21

AT – Color Bars 2.21


  • VSA now saves the previously loaded data, thus loading faster on initialization.

Alert System

  • Alert System now loads faster on initialization, when there is previously loaded data.



AT – VSA 4.50

AT – Alert System 3.20

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.20

AT – Color Bars 2.20


  • Lighter indicators – the loading speed, on initialization and on new bars is faster, taking advantage of Metatrader’s code handling modifications on newer builds.


  • VSA now outputs an additional buffer, which shows as 1 if there was any strong signal in the given shift, and -1 if there was a weak signal. If there were none, its value is EMPTY_VALUE constant.
  • Fixed a bug where choosing a background with a period other than 200 on VSA, with Alert System loaded, reverted the background’s color to the 200 period one.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong MTF signals would sometime show.

Alert System

  • Specific code optimization which sped up the loading speed.
  • It’s now possible to change the text font and size. Default font changed to Arial.



AT – VSA 4.46

AT – Alert System 3.10

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.19

AT – Color Bars 2.19


  • The indicators now check for new updates every Metatrader initialization.

Alert System

  • Buffers can now be used by expert advisors/indicators. A buffer “Stop Order Price” was also introduced, which will have the price of the stop order when that strategy is used.



AT – VSA 4.45

AT – Alert System 3.08

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.18

AT – Color Bars 2.18


  • Fixed a bug in the templates from the last version, where the indicators could not be loaded


  • Fixed a bug where some signals were appearing at a wrong price
  • Fixed a bug where Alert System was occasionally finding non-drawn VSA signals



AT – VSA 4.44

AT – Alert System 3.07

AT – Advanced Volumes 2.17

AT – Color Bars 2.17

In this update, the login system was changed, so that it’s faster and more stable than the previous one, and can be used in non-visual mode in EA’s. The setup on the beginning also suffered changes, and the user key should now be set in indicator’s inputs. Check How to Install Our Indicators to see where to input the user key exactly.


  • Login system changed
  • Update’s download and changelog buttons now only open one tab in the browser


  • Fixed a bug where one text wasn’t being erased unloading the indicator


  • The line colors are now customizable



Analytical VSA Trader 4.30

Analytical Trader – Alert System 3.04

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.14

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.14



  • Updated ‘Spreads’ indicator – now the cost of the spread, in the chosen currency, is shown, and fixed a bug where the text colors weren’t being correctly updated.
  • Changed the word ‘Spread’ to ‘Range’, to avoid confusion with broker’s spread.



  • The broker’s GMT Offset is now auto-detected.
  • Fixed a bug where background objects were being re-created and overlapping, when using multi-timeframe background.
  • Fixed a bug where there were signals not appearing in iCustom() call, and incorrect ones appearing in some shifts.


Alert System

  • Fixed a bug where alerts were being sent, even though the VSA signals weren’t there, or when the background was neutral.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.29

Analytical Trader – Alert System 3.03

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.13

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.13



  • Fixed an issue that occurred in some machines, which showed a ‘File Integrity Check Failed’ error.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.28

Analytical Trader – Alert System 3.02

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.12

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.12


  • More efficient login system
  • The indicator is now compatible with the standalone version of Reversals
  • Graphism updated


  • An average volume bug was fixed in H4, for the first bar in the Asian session, where it was showing a higher average than the real one



Analytical VSA Trader 4.25

Analytical Trader – Alert System 3.00

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.10

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.10

Major update on the Alert System indicator. Along with the indicator updates, all the sections in the website’s VSA trading guide were updated, and new images and videos for each of them are coming soon.

Alert System

  • A new trading setup is now included (VSA Signal + Background)
  • Supports/Resistances Nearby Setup now looks for signals near the support/resistance, for more accurate alerts
  • Settings were simplified, to only show the most important settings, while more technical ones are now internal
  • Alert description updated in every setup
  • The indicator now alerts when tick prices get to Break-even/Take-profit levels.
  • Fixed a bug in the dynamic trend setup, where the alert was being set off without the dynamic trend changing in some cases
  • The indicator size and memory usage were reduced


  • Fixed a bug that made the indicator show wrong signals in the first time the user registered



Analytical VSA Trader 4.24

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.21

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.10

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.10

VSA 4.24

  • Fixed a bug where alerts with background filter were being sent every minute.
  • Fixed a bug from the last version where the Multi-timeframe background was being erased in some instances.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.23

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.21

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.10

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.10

VSA 4.23

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the indicator from saving the data in case there were just a few rates available.

Alert System 2.21

  • Updated the ‘Read More’ links to the new pages location in the website.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.22

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.20

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.10

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.10

VSA 4.22

  • The indicator now saves the all the data locally, which makes the initialization considerably faster in case the respective chart was already loaded before.
  • Fixed a bug that made the indicator unload in some occasions.

Alert System 2.20

  • In the Dynamic Trend setup, the indicator now checks if there was a signal before, and the description was updated.
  • Adjusted default settings.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made the alert window not being erased when unloading.
  • Fixed a bug that made the indicator unload in some occasions.

Volumes/Color Bars 2.10

  • Alerts added to every type of volume bar, optionally by email and/or push notification.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.21

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.11

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.01

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.01

General Update:

  • Login and update-checking systems are now more efficient, which translates in a faster initialization time, especially in case the internet connection is slow.
  • Setup ZIP file is now compatible with Windows 10’s Unpacker.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.20

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.10

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.00

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.00

Analytical Trader – VSA

  • Improved Multi-timeframe signals.
  • Improved supply/demand detection in trends.
  • Improved supply/demand detection during the Asian session.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.11

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.10

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.00

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.00

Analytical Trader – VSA

  • Fixed a bug that made the indicator unload/not show up correctly in some occasions.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.10

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.10

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.00

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.00

Analytical Trader – VSA

  • Extended Multi-timeframe signals to include Minor Demand/Supply and No-Demand/No-Supply.
  • Improved supply/demand detection algorithms in the current and MTF signals. Now more market reversal signals are shown.
  • Improved Daily+ timeframes optimization: the indicator is now more adaptable to these timeframe’s volume and price behavior.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.04

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.10

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.00

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.00

Analytical Trader – Alert System

  • Alerts are now shown on a window panel, and will remain there until a new alert comes up or until the user closes the window. It’ll be minimized automatically as a new candle appears.
  • Suggested stop-loss and take-profit’s are now kept in the chart until a new alert comes up.
  • Improved every alert description.

Analytical VSA Trader

  • Improved graphism on the indicator’s user messages.

Demo Version

  • Updated demo message with a helping link to start.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.03

Analytical Trader – Alert System 2.00

Analytical Trader – Volumes 2.00

Analytical Trader – Color Bars 2.00

Major update:

Analytical VSA Trader

  • The indicator now distinguishes between Background and Signals multitimeframe mode. By default multitimeframe signals are activated, and multitimeframe background deactivated.
  • When multitimeframe background is deactivated, the indicator will only show the background for the current timeframe, in a clearer way than the previous one.
  • Fixed a bug in 2-above-timeframe signals that made them not show up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing ‘Bearish’ alerts when they should be Bullish.


Analytical Trader – Alert System

  • The indicator will now show suggested stop-loss, take-profit and move to break-even levels, optimized for each kind of setup. For more information please refer to the user manual.
  • Improved every alert in order to show trade-able alerts in more situations.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing the alerts description in wrong positions, when using other corners other than the bottom-right one.
  • Fixed a bug in which the indicator was unable to determine the correct background.


Analytical Trader – Volumes and Color Bars

  • The indicator will now show more useful and more understandable volumes: high volume, low volume, churn, no-demand test, no-supply test, upthrust/downthrust.
  • New indicator included that will color the bars according to the type of volume.
  • Removed congestion zones as there were problems in their calculation.


General updates

  • The indicators are now much lighter and will use less system resources.
  • Included an instructions pdf file.
  • Included a pdf file that contains every type of alert, for reference.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.02

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.21

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.20

  • Fixed a bug in Analytical VSA Trader, coming from the recent versions, that made the multi-timeframe signals not show up.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.01

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.21

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.20

  • Deleted unnecessary buffers, that made vertical black lines appear in the chart.
  • In AT Alert System, updated the warning when Analytical VSA Trader isn’t loaded.



Analytical VSA Trader 4.00

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.20

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.20

  • Analytical VSA Trader is now compatible with the strategy tester, by setting Multitimeframe to false.
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, supply/demand signals during trends are now accounted for.
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, an improvement was made on the background’s algorithm, making it more responsive to a trend change and a trend correction.
  • Analytical VSA Trader signals’ colors are now set in the ‘Colors’ tab.
  • AT Alert System now looks at the background before sending out an alert, guaranteeing the background is appropriate.
  • AT Alert System’s supports/resistances algorithm improved – it’ll make a support pass to a resistance after a break-out, in some conditions, and vice-versa; It’s not so sensitive anymore to short-term fluctuations calculating S/Rs, so that valid S/Rs aren’t deleted so easily; Long-term SRs are computed more often;
  • AT Alert System will by default write the last given alert in the chart, along with its time.



Analytical VSA Trader 3.82

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.153

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.2

  • Performance update in every indicator



Analytical VSA Trader 3.81

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.152

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.11

  • In Analytical VSA Trader, fixed a bug that made the background be wrongly updated
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, it’s now easier to integrate it with custom indicators/expert advisors, by the use of buffers
  • Analytical VSA Trader is now lighter, using less memory
  • Fixed a bug that made the indicators not load sometimes
  • Patches to every indicator to make them compatible with the most recent builds of Metatrader 4 (8xx)



Analytical VSA Trader 3.80

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.151

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.10

  • In Analytical VSA Trader, extended the signals to include more Supply and Demand bars, while maintaining their accuracy in signaling market reversals.
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, it’s now possible to filter signals alerts with background, for the current timeframe’s signals.
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, in the Alerts module, it’s now possible to choose what the kind of signals will set off the alerts.
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, fixed a background bug that was showing a wrong background in some instances.
  • In AT Volumes, more bars were introduced – Upthrusts, narrow spread bars, and it now distinguishes between low volume down and up bars.
  • In AT Volumes, Long Entry Bars and Short Entry Bars are now denoted by a (L) or (S), respectively, in the histogram bar’s description, by hovering the mouse over it.
  • In AT Spreads, the indicator now shows different colors for cheap/affordable/expensive/very expensive spreads, in the different timeframes.



Analytical VSA Trader 3.70

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.15

Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.00

  • Analytical Trader – Volumes 1.00 is now included. It’s a volumes histogram with different colors for different types of events: very high volume, high volume, low volume, demand test, supply test, narrow spread high volume and normal up/down bars. It also features congestion zones, which are zones where the prices usually stales.
  • Analytical Trader – Stoploss 1.00 is now included. It’s an indicator that will show different lines where you can set your stop-loss, if there’s no support/resistance nearby. These are sensitive to the market volatility.
  • Added a changelog button in the chart, when there’s an update available.
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing Metatrader when only a single chart was opened and the template was changed.
  • In Analytical VSA Trader, changed the default size of the signals, and added more weight to major demand/supply and demand/supply signals.
  • In AT Alert System, significantly extended the alerts on trendline breaks, increasing the volume of alerts.
  • In AT Alert System, fixed a bug that was printing wrong descriptions on some alerts.



Analytical VSA Trader 3.67

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.14

  • Fixed a Metatrader crashing issue when unloading the current template.
  • Fixed a bug in AT Alert System, where some Fibonacci alerts weren’t being correctly set off.



Analytical VSA Trader 3.66

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.11

  • Normalized the versions.



Analytical VSA Trader 3.65

Analytical Trader – Alert System 1.11

  • Analytical Trader now checks automatically if it’s updated, and when it’s not,
    it shows a message in the chart with a download link to the new setup file. Option available to
    hide the message and to delete it.
  • The distance of the strong signals and weak signals from the current high/low (respectively) is
    now equal.
  • In AT Alert System, fixed a bug where VSA filter alert wasn’t being correctly applied, limiting
    the volume of alerts.
  • In AT Alert System, added a feature that looks for VSA signals in the last 3 bars,
    instead of just the last 1.
  • In AT Alert System, added the timeframe from where the alert comes from, before the alert
  • Changed the default settings for AT Alert System’s trendlines; now the only filter active by default
    is the VSA signals filter.