EURUSD – An Intraday Analysis with Volumes and Reversals

EURUSD has been in a strong uptrend after breaking out from a base last week. The prices also broke an important down trendline in a furious up movement, on high volume and wide range up bars. It’s now in a critical area that will be characterized by a high volatility.

In areas of previous resistances, this volatility and volume spikes are normal, and can be somewhat tricky to understand, but using VSA and Reversals this job is simplified as they’ll show the most important bars. We should first look at the background: it was strong during these movements, and so we should look for up reversals. In the hourly chart, the first one (zone 1) appeared at the same time as major supply, which is something to avoid. The other two (zone 2) were in an area of previous demand, and were soon confirmed by another strong VSA signal. Down reversals on the other hand, signaled less significant movements that lasted for a shorter amount of time.

Volumes, Reversals and VSA

EURUSD H1 – VSA, Volumes and Reversals


On to the current action (zone 3), Reversals showed a down Reversal, which marked almost the absolute high of this correction. Apart from that, after these such high volumes, I’d expect prices to continue further with small or no retracement. If they don’t keep advancing, it means much of that volume was supply hitting the market. The market has to show it’s not being conditioned by the supply anymore, with low volume bars or a successful bullish test, above the previous resistance.

EURUSD Long-Term Volume Spread Analysis

EUR/USD Weekly

In Euro/US Dollar we’ve seen massive buying recently, which subsequently made the downtrend reverse. This can be seen by the very high volumes and green signals, highlighted in the drawn box. Tecnically, the prices are just below a down trendline, and an interesting bar was seen in the weekly timeframe, signaled by the arrow and an orange histogram – this was an upthrust, a bar that closed on the lows of the week, yet making a high significantly far away from it. The high is at 1.138 and the close at 1.110, and it’s accompanied by a very high volume. If the prices traveled such a distance on such a volume, this means that was actually selling coming into the market that week. The question is whether this is just a temporary weakness, and we can look at the daily for more clues…


In the daily timeframe, there were many strong signals since March’s bottom, and prices are making higher lows ever since, which means until now the market has been sustained, but reaching at the trendline, the volumes are quite low. Two possible scenarios are: the trendline being broken with moderate/high volumes, which would be a good demand confirmation for a long OR the market makes a lower high or lower low, which would break the uptrend going on in the daily and would mean the weakness seen in the weekly timeframe is ‘spilling over’ and preventing further advances.