EURUSD M30 – Follow-up Trade +112Pips

2015-09-20 13_57_21-EURUSD,M30

This trade was opened based on the previous EURUSD analysis.

  1. Overall background is weak.
  2. Price was close to the resistance level (1.146) which several times has proved itself in upper timeframes. Here appeared weak signals.
  3. Dynamic trend turned from green to red. Entry – when the price comes closer to the dynamic trend. Stop-loss above the resistance level. After I saw strong signal I didn’t close the trade, because I thought that bear move still had potential. Strong signal here may be caused by triggering stop-losses of traders who went long when the price crossed previous high. But I moved stop-loss closer in case I was wrong.
  4. Exit by reaching take profit level.

Total: +112 Pips


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