EURUSD D1 – Moving in ascending triangle

2015-09-20 11_30_25-EURUSD,Weekly

One week has passed since previous EURUSD analysis. There was a very weak signal (up-thrust) in the weekly chart. But you need to look at the overall picture rather than one bar’s action. During 3 following bars the market didn’t respond to this sign of weakness. Though the background is weak, for the moment the market is not ready to fall. One of the reasons is that the US Federal Reserve on Thursday announced that it would keep interest rates near zero.

In order to understand the overall picture it is better to look at different timeframes. For example, if after weekly chart we look at daily chart, we can find very interesting picture:

2015-09-20 11_59_22-EURUSD,Daily

Here we see how Euro has been moving in ascending triangle lately.

1,146 – is a resistance area. It seems that in this area some big seller or group of sellers place large sell-limit orders. Purpose – do not let the price to penetrate this level (they are not interested in higher prices). As soon as the price comes close to this area, sell orders are activated and the price bounces down. In one point this level was penetrated (high volume up-bar without result) and the seller had to defend the level by market orders.

Look at the lows – each time the move down stops higher and higher. The lows become closer to the resistance area.

It will be very interesting to observe development of this situation.

How we can use it in our trading?

Well, now we have 2 interesting for us areas: resistance and support area (up-trendline). We should be watching price behavior and volume near these levels. VSA techniques and Analytical Trader indicator will help us to identify imbalance between supply and demand, choose right direction. Look how accurately the indicator identified supply signals in resistance area right before the price moved down and demand signals when the price was near the up-trendline.


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