XAUUSD H1 – Trade Analysis

2015-12-03 20_08_12-XAUUSD,H1

Near trendline trading: It is possible to draw a down-trendline with several touches. This trendline represents resistance for higher prices. The trade has been opened when the price was approaching this resistance.

  1. At the time of entry background was neutral. In this case you should check background in above timeframe: weak –for short trades, strong – for long trades. In this chart we definitely have a bear market – maximum of every wave is lower than previous one. It is not wise to open a long trade in this case (at first we should witness accumulation or selling climax).
  2. There were several weak signals before trend changed. It is unlikely that the price will break resistance when the market is weak (there is no strong signal near the trendline). As you see Reversal is also confirming market turn near the trendline.
  3. Dynamic trend turned from red to green and entry was made in a narrow spread bar on low volume – this is a correct setup for a long trade.

Actually this was a good place for a short trade if we would have entered the market after dynamic trend turned to red. We had all the necessary signals to be bearish.


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