USDCHF M15 – Follow-up Trade +30Pips

2015-09-09 21_05_51-USDCHF,M15

Based on recent analysis of USDCHF, I waited strong signals near the trendline. I didn’t have to wait too long.

  1. Background is strong. The price crossed down the trendline and was in oversold zone. This is a good point to look for strong signals in order to enter the market.
  2. In this point appeared strong signals – Major Demand in M15 and Demand in M30 timeframes. This is a wide spread bar on high volume (shake-out). The bar closes on the high. It means that there was more buying than selling and now we can expect the price to move up.
  3. Dynamic Trend changed from a downtrend (red) to an uptrend (green). Now we should look for entry bars.
  4. Long in a down bar after the trend changed.
  5. Close after weak signals (Minor Demand and No-Demand in H1).


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