USDCHF H1 – Market Analysis

2015-09-08 20_22_12-USDCHF,H1

  1. The indicator has recognized a very strong signal (Major Demand). This is a down-bar which closes in the middle on high volume (the volume is higher than during previous several days). If this volume was bearish – why the bar closed in the middle and the next bar is bullish? It helps us to understand that there was more buying than selling. This is a shake-out (smart money are buying all sell-orders coming into the market) and starting point of bullish trend.
  2. We draw up trendline with as minimum 3 touches. It will help us to identify when the price will be in oversold zone (under the trendline).
  3. The price has come to oversold zone (under the trendline) without weak signals in the background. Major Demand signal helps us to understand that this is not a genuine move and we can anticipate that the price will be returned to up trend.
  4. Overall strong background is supporting the move.

Swiss Franc is now in a bullish trend and at the moment we do not see weak signals which could tell us that this trend is over.


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