EURUSD Intraday – Approaching 1.10 Resistance

Dynamic trend: Turned down

Background: W1 – weak; D1 – weak

Phase: Markup

Support: 1.100

Resistance: 1.106







In point 1 there was an up bar, that looked like a “Shakeout”, with a very high volume and an average range. This is a pattern that shows demand, and on a critical point, approaching the weak congestion zone ahead.

In point 2 there was the resumption of buying after prolonged shaking out on a downward trend.



EURUSD M15 Trend

EURUSD 15 Minutes

On TF M15 in point 1 there was a “No Supply” bar after signs of strength and resumption of the uptrend. This was a good point for a long position.


Suggested Strategies

Consider buying if the price breaks out the level 1.106 and «No Supply» appears (down bar with a narrow range and a low volume). Also consider buying if the price moves down to the support level 1.1, there is a sign of strength and «No Supply» appears. Consider selling if the price breaks down the level 1.1 and «No Demand» appears (up-bar with a narrow range and a low volume).

You can search for «No Demand» and «No Supply» on the lower TF.


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