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The VSA System includes ALL the indicators in this website, and comes with optimized templates to allow using them together, in confluence. A purchase gives you a renewable lifetime license of the indicators that will work in 2 computers, and which includes any further updates and support. A renewable license means that every 24 hours, you will be able to load the indicators in 2 computers, whether you have used them before or not. The VSA System includes:


1) VSA Indicator

Shows supply/demand signals in the chart which often point out tops and bottoms in the market, along with the market background to evaluate the bigger picture.


2) Alert System Indicator

Multi-function indicator that alerts of different trading setups, such as a trend change with strong background or a demand signal in a price dip. This indicator saves you time by presenting you the setups and alerting in Metatrader or on your smartphone. It also draws supports/resistances and the short-term trend.


3) Advanced Volumes/Color Bars Indicators

These two indicators show the most important volumes, with trend continuation or price reversal implications.


4) Congestions Indicator

Finds congestion bars (where prices usually stalls) and draws supply/demand zones that represent areas where large traders have previously bought or sold. These are natural support/resistances areas in the market.


5) Reversals Indicator

Uses volatility patterns to find price reversal points. You can very easily change its sensitivity to better adapt to the pair and timeframe that you’re watching, with accompanying statistics.


6) Auto Supports/Resistances, Dynamic Trend, News Indicators

These indicators are also included and serve many purposes, such as drawing short-term to long-term price supports/resistances, a highlighted trend and show the upcoming news in the chart, along with their impact and with included alerts.


7) User Guide PDF + Explaining Videos

The user guide explains how to use the different indicators, and the explaining videos show you how to start trading quickly with the system, using the trading setups.


8) 3 ready-to-use Templates

The 3 included templates will load the best combinations of indicators and settings in the chart so that you can use them from the get-go.



Purchase information:

  • 7-days Money-back Guarantee. If after 7 days you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund you the total amount as per your request. Available for the lifetime license only.

  • You can purchase with credit or debit card by choosing the option “Pay with Credit or Debit card” in PayPal gateway, no PayPal account is needed.

  • 23% VAT applies to European Union (EU) residents
  • After the purchase, you’ll receive an email with the indicator and user information within 24h (usually less) in the email you inserted into PayPal’s gateway (either by direct payment or credit/debit card), with the download link and your user information. Check the spam folder if it doesn’t arrive at your inbox.

  • 15% discount on the lifetime license (save $38) exclusive for masterforex-v.lt visitors!