EURUSD Daily after the Brexit

On Brexit’s leave decision, EURUSD went down as was expected, fueled by the fear of an economic downturn in the Eurozone. I consider the reaction, 4% less value when trading Euros for Dollars, was somewhat exaggerated however; if Brexit is to have a negative effect on the economy, it will be on the medium/long-term, as the process of UK leaving the EU will be slow, and the trade deals between EU and UK are still in place. As to what institutional traders are doing – they bought heavily by the end of the voting day. This is seen by a close well of the lows, and the very high volume, which surely wasn’t just by retail trading. This consolidation may be slow however, and I expect prices to come further down before a significant rally.
Low volume down bars or test-like bars would show there is no significant supply in EURUSD anymore, and an up Reversal while the long-term trend (Dynamic Trend) is up would provide a long entry opportunity.

EURUSD Daily After Brexit





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