EURAUD H4 – Resistance Trading +388 Pips

2015-10-12 21_32_19-EURAUD,H4

Right after last short trade in EURAUD there was one more chance to use weak signal near the resistance level (this level has shown itself many times). Weak signal appeared during up-thrust. Up-thrust is a wide spread up during the bar, accompanied by high volume, to then close on the low. Up-thrusts are usually seen after a rise in the market or when the market is trading sideways. It is a sign of weakness – you do not normally see up-thrusts in strong markets. Up-thrusts are all moneymaking maneuvers helping the market-makers to trade successfully, at your expense.

  1. Background is weak
  2. Weak signal (Supply) near the resistance level
  3. Dynamic trend turned from green to red
  4. Entry when the price still didn’t move too far
  5. Exit by reaching TP level

Total +388 Pips


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