Trading London Open in EUR JPY

In this trade, I went short after VSA gave a weak signal, together with the weak background + weakness nearby for quick 30 pips. It’s usually a strategy that works in London open, as volumes tend to spike at these hours.


Taking the VSA signal at London Open

  1. The background analyzes both the trend and supply/demand signs in the market. In this case, it was showing that the market was weak, which means you should be looking for shorts
  2. The market showed weakness behind, seen by the wide high volume (red) down bar, closing on the lows. This is a supply sign, that is even more important during a downtrend.
  3. Finally, a weak VSA signal (minor supply) triggered the trade, and a sell-stop was used at the bar’s low.


Trading London Open in EUR JPY

Trading London’s Open in EUR JPY


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