GBPUSD H1 – Dynamic trend +145Pips

2015-10-18 13_09_04-GBPUSD,H1

  1. At the time of entry the background turned to strong. It means that imbalance of supply and demand is now in favor of demand.
  2. Very strong signal (Major Demand) before the trend changed its direction.
  3. Dynamic trend turned from red to green.
  4. Entry – when the background turned to strong and the price didn’t move too far from the dynamic trend.
  5. Exit after weak signal (Supply) appeared in the chart.

Total: +145 Pips

In the chart we see that mid-term resistance (previous high) was crossed by wide spread up-bar on high volume.

Resistance – this is a level of previous high, many traders bought near the highs and were locked-in when the price suddenly fell. They are now holding out in the hope of reducing their losses. Locked-in traders want only one thing – to get out of the market at a similar price to the one they first started with. Professional traders that are still bullish know this. To encourage these old locked-in traders not to sell, professional traders will mark-up, or gap up the market, through these potential resistance areas as quickly as possible.

GBPUSD – Weak signal for short trade +67Pips

2015-09-14 19_44_31-GBPUSD,H4

In the previous GBPUSD analysis I noticed that the price was approaching Long Period Support and wrote that it is possible that the price starts reaction to the downward trend. Later I saw in the chart strong signal (Minor Demand). There was no high volume bar (effort) which was necessary to pass the support and it was clear that now we should expect prices to go up. It does not mean that this is a good point to go long, because background is still weak. But this would be wise to close short positions in this point.

The price was moving up, but the background was still weak. Therefore I waited supply or no-demand signal (better if it was near resistance) to open a short trade.

I found a good setup in M15 Timeframe:

2015-09-14 20_23_19-GBPUSD,M15

  1. The background is very weak.
  2. Price is approaching Long Period Resistance.
  3. Here we can see at once several weak signals (supply), price is near the resistance.
  4. Dynamic trend turned from green to red, entry in up-bar. Stop loss above the resistance, later moved to break-even.
  5. Strong signal (Minor Demand): in VSA this is a shake-out – wide spread bar on high volume (weak holders are still selling, but strong holders already have bullish view in the market – that’s why high volume and bar closes on the high).
  6. Exit: Total 67 Pips.

GBPUSD H4 – Mark Down after Distribution Phase


  1. We have been witnessing as pound was ranging between 1.55 and 1.65 for a period more than 1 month. It was distribution phase where professionals have been distributing their positions to weak holders.
  2. In the end of distribution phase there was mark-up through upper trading range. Supply signal tells us about imbalance between supply and demand created because uninformed traders are buying in this move. High volume and closing of this bar in the middle says that professionals are busy selling to the weak holders.
  3. VSA is all about weak and strong signals in the market that we assess looking at overall picture. When the price comes to lower trading range, we see wide spread down bar. High volume and weak background tell us that this was a genuine break-out.
  4. Again we see high volume down bar before the price breaks support (previous low).

Now the price has come to another support. At the moment we do not see supply signals. Background is still weak. We need to wait further development because there is possibility that the price will start reaction to the down trend.