New Indicator ‘Congestions’ is Released!

I’m happy to announce that our newest indicator ‘Congestions’, is finally ready, and launched for Metatrader 4! This indicator is specialized in finding slow supply and demand patterns, that appear over a range of bars – these are the congestion bars.

Congestions Indicator

Congestions Indicator


Based on the found congestion bars, after a market price confirmation, the indicator starts drawing a demand zone (for demand congestions), that extends into the future. These are zones where large traders are in control, since they represent the prices where they most recently bought the market heavily. Upon reaching these zones, price is expected to react by reversing quickly and/or show more demand, or if there is no significant reaction, a breakout can probably be traded.

Feel free to browse through the indicator’s page to find out more.


Full Package

We also released the ‘Full Package‘, which includes all the indicators in the website + templates with pre-configured alerts for each type of situation, and a guide on how to use this full package in trading.


Full Package in EURUSD H1

Full Package in EURUSD H1


Try our Demo

These indicators are all available in the demo, so if you haven’t already, try them for free here!

Should you have any question, feel free to contact us.


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