Final Remarks on NY Closing Session

As the New York trading session closes, we found 3 potential trading opportunities to follow and possibly trade during the Tokyo session or tomorrow’s London. These opportunities are in USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, and EUR/JPY. Below you can check the current market background, short-term trend and nearest supports/resistances for each pair. As always, we are using VSA, and associated indicators, for a supply/demand view of the market.


Read the 25/May Update here:



Background: Weak

Short-term trend: Down

Support: 0.9691

Resistance: 0.98243

This is a pair to observe in case it rebounds after touching the upwards trendline. The market is currently in a downward sloping trend with low volume, showing a lack of supply to further continue the trend. If the trend rebounds and breaks the previous bar high near the 0.9705 level on high volume, we may be heading for a rally in the late Tokyo/early London session. Traders should look for low volume near the trendline and a fast price movement as prices break the already mentioned level.



Background: Neutral

Short-term trend: Down

Resistance: 0.86743

In this case, we see a short-term uptrend that seems now to be starting a reversion. There were already many weak VSA signals in the current and above timeframes and the trend is now down. If it breaks the most recent trendline, may look for a SHORT position on high volume showing strong supply. This may constitute a good trading opportunity to open a short position since there is no strong support nearby.



Background: Neutral

Short-term trend: Down

Resistance: 125.288

Support: 124.552

EUR/JPY may be a good trading opportunity even before the opening of the Tokyo Session. The trend failed to break the near resistance and bounced back. We’re now at a crucial zone where the market has been trading sideways. If prices continue the downward trend, there may be room for a SHORT position with a take-profit near the mid-term support. There has been distribution recently and the high volume bar denotes supply near the resistance


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