EURJPY M30 – Trade Analysis

2015-12-10 20_45_51-EURJPY,M30

EURJPY M30 Trade analysis:

  1. At the time of entry background was still weak – it is wrong to go long in this place, because only strong background is a sign that imbalance between supply and demand is in favor of demand.
  2. There were several strong signals before trend changed – it is o’k. Reversal signal is also confirming market turn.
  3. Dynamic trend turned from red to green – ok.
  4. Entry was made in a low volume down-bar – it is a good point to enter the market, because low volume in a bear move shows that there is no selling pressure. It means that professionals are not interested in lower prices right now. Only one thing – price has moved too far after the trend changed and there is a big risk that market will turn soon.
  5. This is a mistake that the trade was not closed after weak signals appeared in the chart. You should close the trade immediately after 2 Minor Supply or 1 Supply, Major Supply signals. Reversal signal is also supporting exit in this place.


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