AUDUSD H1 – Trading with Alert System 2.0



AUDUSD has shown several weak signals approaching the down trendline, which was a confirmation that the downtrend was to continue. After some strength on the end of the US Session at 15/July (blue dot), the market reversed and it rallied to the trendline once again. Upon reaching near it, the market tested for demand in the market, by marking up the prices and waiting for activity to show up. The volume was relatively low, below the average, and the prices failed to rally, which means the No-Demand test marked by the pink bar, failed, and there was lack of demand in the market.

Shortly after there was an alert on a trendline nearby, and the price hit the first target already, which guarantees we’re not losing anything in this trade. Before the downtrend continued, there was a 2nd similar alert. For a future short entry prices must come up near the trendline again, to guarantee a good Risk:Reward. Also look out for strong signals in this price area, because of the 15/July strength, which could turn the trend.


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