USDJPY Daily – Will the Yen keep making New Highs?

For some time now that I’ve been looking closely at the Yen’s daily movements. Prices are swinging around a resistance made back in 2007, and it’s interesting to note that so far there has been a rejection of new highs. Every time the prices went above it, there was supply and the prices came falling down, which is what’s happening right now. In the beginning of July there was some demand coming in near the up trendline, which sustained the prices, but it may not be enough. The market will next test the trendline, and if decisively broken, we can expect lower prices; if it’s maintained, we should trade according to the action on the resistance, and either wait for a break-out and a test for a long, or a false break-out with more supply signals for a short position.



In the H4 the recent action can be seen more clearly, with supply and really high volumes above the resistance, and where the background had already turned to weak.