‘Reversals’ is Released

Our newest indicator Reversals was just released today. This is an indicator that recognizes patterns in price and volume action to determine price reversals accurately. These should be used within a trading system, either as entry or exit points, or as a confirmation of a trend reversal. It looks for different patterns than VSA does, so both can be complemented. The indicator also brings an adjustable sensitivity, changed directly in the chart, which allows to very easily adjust the indicator to the market and to your own trading method.

Reversals in EURUSD H1 with sensitivity = 8 (FxPro feed):
EURUSD H1 - Reversals
Reversals + VSA in EURUSD M15, as the price is bouncing on a support. VSA shows the background is still weak, though there has been accumulation recently at this level, shown by the green and blue dots/squares (Demand signals) before. Reversals on the other hand pointed out the reversals that VSA failed to, such as the last bounce off the support, as well as the most recent tops, as is normal with a high sensitivity (9). The most likely and strongest reversals are usually when VSA and Reversals both agree. If you’re already using VSA, check the blog regularly, where we will do posts that show how to combine these 2 indicators.
EURUSD M15 - Reversals + VSA
Click here to try a free demo on Reversals, and check Reversals page for more information.
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