EURUSD H4 – Ascending triangle break-out

2015-10-31 13_17_50-EURUSD,H4

As I noticed earlier, EURUSD was moving in an ascending triangle. You see how price several times noticed the long-term resistance. Every time Analytical Trader detected disbalance between supply and demand when the price approached the resistance level (by showing weak signals: Minor Supply, Supply, Major Supply). Once there was up-thrust – a sharp up-move beyond upper limit with wide spread bar on high volume closing on the lows (Analytical Trader detected Major Supply – very weak signal). Weak holders opened long trades during this move, hoping that this was a genuine break-out. Very soon their stop-losses were triggered.

Let’s get a closer look at this chart.

2015-10-31 13_57_46-EURUSD,H4

Last time when the price approached the long-term resistance we had 2 weak signals (Supply and Minor Supply). This has led to a price reversal. Right before the lower line of triangle was broken we saw several high volume and wide spread down-bars. The break-out bar was also on high volume. Therefore Analytical Trader can help us to predict whether the price is going to cross support/resistance levels or change direction. We just have to follow its instructions and it will significantly increase our chances to profit in the market.


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