CADCHF H1 – Trade Analysis

2015-10-14 19_47_58-CADCHF,H1

  1. At the time of entry background was neutral. In this case you should check above timeframe. If it is weak – o’k for a short entry. In case the background is strong – you should not open a short trade right now.
  2. Weak signal (Minor Supply) before the trade was opened – o’k.
  3. Dynamic trend is still green. You should open a short trade when you have the whole set for a bear trade and only after the dynamic trend turns from green to red.

This is not enough just to see a weak signal and at once enter the market, because you have to analyze not only individual bars but look at the whole picture. Analytical Trader will help you to do this. You just have to follow simple instructions and wait until you have all the necessary signals before you open a trade. It will significantly increase your chances to be sucessful in trading.


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