Analytical Trader – VSA 4.10 Released

Analytical Trader – VSA 4.10 is now released! In the older version, you might have noticed that multi-timeframe signals were rare – this new version looks for MTF signals in an entirely different way, which means they are now much frequent, yet still quite accurate. There are also improvements in the general supply/demand detection algorithms, so more market reversal signals are shown. The timeframes Daily/Weekly and Monthly were further optimized, so that the indicators work better in those now. If you still haven’t tried the demo, use the form on our website! If you have, you can always request another demo by email to test out the new updates.
In this USDCAD chart, minor demand and minor supply on higher TFs can be seen by the blue open circles. Other signals such as No-Demand/No-Supply are also now shown as Multitimeframe signals.


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