‘All Indicators’ Description

This package is available for Metatrader 4, and includes all the indicators in this website. It comes with optimized templates for each particular situation. This is the complete list of included indicators:

  • Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) – Identifies supply/demand and market background based in VSA
  • Alert System – Alerts of various setups based in the VSA system
  • Advanced Volumes/Color-Bars – Shows the most important volume bars (tests, shake-outs, high volume, low volume)
  • Reversals – Identifies probable market reversals based in volatility patterns
  • Congestions – Identifies supply/demand over a range of bars (congestions) and plots zones of high activity
  • Pivots – Shows floor pivots
  • Spreads – Shows the market spread in % of the range
  • Dynamic Trend – Responsive smooth moving average, to identify the market trend
  • Supports/Resistances – Draws short-term, mid-term and long-term supports/resistances


Templates and Alerts

It includes 2 different templates: 1 to search for setups, and another one to look for a trigger and position closing. The alerts are already set in these templates so that you don’t need to be recurrently changing the settings of the various indicators.


Search Template

AT Search Template


Trigger and Close Template

AT Trigger and Close Template



These are some charts on how to trade near a congestion zone (read more in the subsection below):

Low Volume Approaching Zone  VSA Signals Above Resistance  Upthrust On Zone  Support Holding Trade  Near Support Trade  Resistance Holding Trade


How to Use

The fundamental of the trading strategy is to use VSA to determine the immediate demand or supply in the market and to use the congestion zones to trade retracements and breakouts. Reversals provides another dimensionality by analyzing volatility patterns, and it’s used to time entries and exits.

Read the full guide in Trading with the ‘All Indicators’ Package.