Demo Setup Troubleshoot

  1. I’m getting the message “Please enter product key”
    When running for the first time, the product key received in the email has to be placed in the indicator inputs.

  3. I can’t find the indicators or templates in Metatrader
    The indicators and templates aren’t installed in the correct folder. Re-install to your Metatrader 4’s data folder (not MQL4 folder), using either setup.exe or the manual setup zip file. To find the data folder, in your Metatrader, in the top-left corner go to File > Open Data Folder – that’ll be the correct directory.

  5. I’m not getting every alert
    The template provided has the alerts turned on, whereas the specific alerts from Alert System indicator is limited to the full version.

  7. When loading the indicator, I’m receiving a “Allow DLL must be set” message.
    In the indicator, go to the ‘Common’ tab, and check ‘Allow DLL Imports’.

  9. When loading the indicators, I’m receiving a message saying “Machine is blocked”
    This message appears if you have already tried the demo previously. We only allow 1 demo per user, although we periodically email customers with more opportunities.

  11. Google Chrome shows a message “This file is potentially dangerous”
    This is a common message for files that aren’t mass downloaded on the net. The files are 100% safe, and a scan result, by 56 antivirus, can be found here: Anti-virus scan

  13. I’m unable to download the setup file
    This can occur under some internet service providers or with a very slow internet. Please contact us so we can send you an alternative download link.

If you still couldn’t get the demo to work, try no more. Email us for us to set up your demo within minutes.