Changelog Reversals


AT – Reversals 1.72


  • Fixed typo in Reversals.



AT – Reversals 1.71


  • Fixed a bug where calling Reversals by an expert was outputting an error, in the newest MT build.



AT – Reversals 1.70


  • Fixed a bug where Reversals wouldn’t load when using a template, in some occasions.



AT – Reversals 1.60

  • Adjusted the code for Metatrader build 1000+.



AT – Reversals 1.52



AT-Reversals 1.51

  • Reversals now checks for updates automatically, and notifies in the chart.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred in some instances, where the were arrows being drawn in wrong positions, and the statistics were wrong.
  • Templates included with the indicator.
Version 1.40 – 2016.01.21

– Highest sensitivities (8 and 9) improved
– Performed optimization for the newer updates
– Fixed a bug in the monthly timeframe where only a few Reversals were being shown
Version 1.30 – 2015.12.17

– Reversals now works on Renko charts.
Version 1.21 – 2015.12.09

– Fixed a bug in the newer Metatrader builds that made the indicator not load correctly when used in a template, or in multiple instances in the same chart.
Version 1.20 – 2015.12.02

– Improved reversals detection
– Fixed a bug that was making the indicator initialize with a different sensitivity than the one shown in the panel
Version 1.10 – 2015.11.25

Major Update:

– Significant improvements on reversals accuracy
– Lower sensitivities’ total number of reversals increased, in average
– Fixed a bug regarding some reversals
– Statistics position fixed