Yen’s Rally after Accumulation – What to Do Now?

On the previous week post about the Yen, we noticed that there was consistent buying in the hourly chart, and that a dip into the lower part of the range would give a long opportunity. This happened, and right in the next London session!

On trading ranges showing VSA buying signals, like we note on the trading guide, you can also wait for a breakout of the trading’s range high. If on the break, the volumes pick up, it’ll be a confirmation of accumulation. This is what happened in USDJPY, and since then, it has been on a long rally, until stopping on a long-term trendline.

Apart from the down trendline, the momentum of the uptrend is now fading, and there is significant supply showing up. This is inevitable on resistance areas, but still, if you’re holding a long in intraday, this is a good time to start reducing the position size, and wait for a trendline break to add into. Personally I’m holding a long daily trade, and waiting to see how the daily bar closes.

If the trendline is broken, it’ll be a long/adding signal. If supply keeps showing up on the hourly, and/or there are low volume rallies into the current selling bar, it’ll be a short signal.

Trading Range USDJPY


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