VSA + Congestions in Pound (Market Analysis)

The Pound has been showing strength in the volumes lately, on the major pairs, with congestions showing a demand zone being formed at these prices.



In GBPUSD the prices just bounced off the demand zone, which were the first long signal, due to the strength behind. The target is at 1.326, from where a breakout can be traded on a lower timeframe. Alternatively, if there is a correction onto 1.319 on low volume, there can be another long opportunity.

VSA + Congestions GBPUSD



EURGBP is showing some selling behind, which is good for the GBP. A trendline break would give a trend changing confirmation, for a short trade.


VSA + Congestions EURGBP

VSA + Congestions EURGBP



GBPJPY is ranging for a longer time than GBPUSD, and didn’t go down as much as GBPUSD did recently. There is buying behind showed by VSA and congestion bars, along with a strong congestion zone. The plan is to look for a trendline break.




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