USDCAD M15 – Trade Analysis

2015-12-18 20_05_04-USDCAD,M15

USDCAD M15 Trade analysis:

In this chart you can see a very popular entrance among traders – buy stop at the level of previous high. I will analyze this trade from the view of Analytical Trader.

  1. At the time of entry background was strong – it is a correct part for a long setup.
  2. There were several weak signals (two Minor Supply) before trend changed and no strong signals. It shows that selling has entered the market. It is very risky to go long in this case.
  3. Reversal signal also confirms that market can turn down in this place.
  4. Dynamic trend turned from green to red – it is wrong for a long setup.
  5. Trade has to be immediately closed after two Supply or Supply, Major Supply signals, because there is a big chance that prices will turn direction after this signal.

“Reversal” is our new indicator which accurately detects price reversals. It can be used alone and together with VSA indicator. In last case you will have the greatest advantage in your trading and the best view of the market.


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