GBPAUD H1 – Trading Intraday on the Sterling Sell-off +142 Pips

As the Sterling is selling-off for weeks in a row, it makes sense to look for intraday opportunities in GBP pairs. Likewise, gold is also getting stronger, as the Dollar weakens, and AUD is directly affected by these movements, as Australia is a major gold exporter.
Since 6th January, GBPAUD H1 has been forming a round top, which is a typical distribution pattern. Most importantly, VSA confirms it, as the there have been major supply signals in H1 and above timeframes, and sluggish movement. The background has also been weak, and an opportunity arose when there was a minor supply signal in H1, to which there was an alert given.


  1. Weak background
  2. Supply signal
  3. Entry on the break of the supply bar (could also be on the previous)
  4. Exit on take-profit. If not having exit, with the low volume bars, it would be wise to atleast close the order partially and get in at a better price.

The prices are now approaching a previous support at 2.017, and are on the lower part of the trading channel. There could be opportunities to counter-trend trade, if prices can stabilize above the recent low at 2.02457 and demand comes in.

GBPAUD H1 Trend Channel


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