EURUSD Follow-up

After the high volumes that was noted on the last post (zone 1), I wrote that if prices failed to continue the rally soon, this would be a sign of too much supply hitting the market and would be a probable reversal point. In the Asian session the prices failed to rise, and a bit more supply showed up as a churn bar (green bar) after a small rally. When the London session opened, the prices went down to re-test the previous area of demand.

In (2), we can see that the volumes picked up again, and VSA showed a demand signal. The volumes were also higher than the last top, which was a good indication of renewed interest in the up move. As the background was still strong at the time, Alert System indicator sent out an alert to go long on the high of this demand bar.

Prices continued to rally afterwards, and upon reaching a medium-term resistance at 1.138, Supply signals from the current timeframe and from D1 halted the move.

In (3), we can see a successful test (the test is the dark blue bar, 3 bars ago) near the prices of the previous demand, as the prices broke its high. The background is weak though, and so taking a long right now, while possible, is risky and would have to be with a tight stop-loss. Other EUR pairs such as EURJPY are looking better, since it’s just now emerging from a double bottom with demand as the current prices.

Demand signal in Euro/Dollar

EURUSD H1 Demand Signal + Background


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