EURJPY H4 – Follow-up Trade (+204 Pips) on Breakout + Analysis

In my previous EURJPY analysis I pointed out that the prices were just testing a down trendline, and given the accumulation seen behind, it’d be wise to wait for an up-breakout of the resistance. Subsequently, this trade was taken based on these developments:

  1. The background was strong at the time of breakout, which maximizes our chances.
  2. There was accumulation behind, shown by multiple demand signals without the price going to new lows. Note: there is a difference between the older post chart and this one, as the previous was from GMT-5 feed, while this is from a GMT+2 feed, both in Oanda. Nonetheless, the market picture is fundamentally the same.
  3. The break-out showed increased volume not exactly on the break-out bar, but in the next one. This is usually fine, but I prefer to wait for confirmation when this happens. The confirmation was given a few hours later, after the low volume down bar was broken to the upside, showing clear lack of supply in the market.
  4. The first warning sign to exit was the extreme volume up bar, with no follow-up. Later a Supply signal from the Daily showed up, which confirmed the weakness. Closed when the trend turned yello. The take-profit from an alert would give an exit around these prices as well. However, if you have the time to manage your trade, and can react to changing supply/demand in the market quickly, trading without take-profit with this system also works.




Right now I’m holding a short position in the daily, as this weakness is just below a long-term down trendline. The correction is seeing relatively low volumes, but that could be normal after the distribution seen on the red bar. Either way, the trend is still down, and so, I’m just watching where the market takes me for now.


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