Dax Intraday – Supply on a Trend

After a break-out of an important support at around 9300 on 8th February, DAX, along with the other European and American indices, made a significant retracement and rallied above the break-out price. The chart of M15 below shows the second rally, with prices reaching the previous high.


trend and volumes trading

Trend and Volumes on Dax

During this uptrend the background was strong, and any supply signals that appear need confirmation for a short to be taken. These can mean various things – some traders taking profits, short stop-losses being hit at important levels, or just selling that had no follow-through among other institutional traders. Counter-trend trades should be taken on a lower timeframe, using VSA signals from the above timeframes, so you’re more likely to spot an exit bar, such as a demand signal.

Over the next week, it’ll be interesting to watch if there is more supply at this level, with DAX breaking the up trendline on the intraday with good volume. On the more long-term side, to watch if prices falls below the break-out price.


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