AUDCHF M15 – Trade analysis

2015-09-23 20_10_58-AUDCHF,M15

What was right in this trade?

  1. The background is weak. It means that imbalance of supply and demand in favor of supply – we should be looking for short entry.
  2. Weak signal (Minor Supply) before entry. It is better if we have several weak or very weak signals (supply or major supply).
  3. Dynamic trend turned from green to red.

What was wrong in this trade?

  1. Before the entry point we had wide spread down-bar on high volume. The next bar is up and in the chart appeared Major Demand (very strong signal). Therefore something was wrong in this high volume. For the next bar to be up it must have contained more buying than selling. Also this wide spread bar moved lower than previous low. Many traders set their sell-stop orders on the level of previous low. Those who went long set here their stop-losses. All this creates selling from the weak holders when the price crosses the level of previous low. Strong holders absorb this selling – that’s why the volume is high.

Risk management is very important in trading. You must expect losses, so you must plan for possible losses before placing a trade. Risk management techniques are designed to limit these losses. The most important part of risk management is the setting of stops, which must be placed every time. The Analytical Trader indicator will help you to find optimal level where to place your stop-loss and take profit.


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