We’re a team of 2 young traders from Portugal, with a passion for financial markets and trading. We use price action and volumes – or supply/demand trading as some would call it – to trade a wide range of markets and timeframes.
In the website you can find information about the trading tools we have and our trading strategies. Below you can read a short biography of us:
Leonardo – a trader since 2008, and founder of Analytical Trader. Also a coder, who since day 1, codes software tools to aid in trading.  His preferred markets are the stock market,  ‘the best barometer of the real economy’, and Forex.


Rodrigo – a trader since 2011. Risk taker by nature, his preferred assets are exotic pairs and commodities for the volatility they offer.

  • Inspiring traders: Richard Wyckoff, Mark Douglas
  • Favorite books: ‘Trading in the Zone’, by Mark Douglas;